CyberSecurity Training
For Web Developers

Cybersecurity training for web developers

Below you’ll find the content of our course. We aim to deliver this course as hands-on as possible as we believe that’s the best way to learn and to keep you engaged. On each stage of the course, we’ll discuss real-world examples of the attacks and also have access to a simulated vulnerable website so you can try the attack yourself, so you fully understand it. The course isn’t language specific so no matter if you’re a PHP, Ruby, or C# dev or your frontend or backend you’ll find this course relevant and easy to understand. You’ll need to bring a laptop that is wifi capable and an up to date browser.

1 – Introduction
2 – Know Your Enemy
3 – What is OWASP top 10
4.1 – Injection
4.2 – Broken Authentication
4.3 – Sensitive Data Exposure
4.4 – External Entities (XXE)
4.5 – Broken Access Control
4.6 – Security Misconfiguration
4.7 – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
4.8 – Insecure Deserialization
4.9 – Using Components With Known Vulnerabilities
4.10 – Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
5 – Other Vulnerabilities
6 – Hack The Box Challenge
7 – Questions
8 – Exam
9 – Thanks and Goodbye