Our Mission

Dev Secure is an Exeter based company offering affordable cybersecurity training for web developers.

If your handling and storing personal data or promoting your business over a website or web application we believe that you have a duty of care to ensure that either you or your developers have training in cyber attack countermeasures to safeguard your data and keep your reputation intact.

In the computer security field, we believe that too much focus is put on the cure rather than prevention and our training will ensure that you or your developers will be armed with the knowledge to stay one step ahead and make it as hard as possible for you to become a victim to a web-based cyber attack.

Sony, Equifax, TalkTalk and British Airways have been some of the bigger brand names you will of heard in the news over the last couple of years who all fell victim to web-based attacks that could have been avoided entirely if the developers working on these platforms had adequate training.

In February 2018 alone just under 19000 websites across the world were hacked into1, and in the UK almost half of UK businesses suffered cyber attacks or a security breach in 20172 and as more companies are going online and putting their customer’s data online this number is only going to get higher if something isn’t done about it.

The risk is real, but you can do something about it.


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