Employer Benefits of a DevSecue Certification

As an employer, you will know the importance of having and hiring staff with the right skills to do the job. When hiring developers you will want to know they have the programming skills they say they do and that they are skilled at the programming languages you need. They might be. But do you know if they are aware of security practices and concerns for the technologies they use and for web practices in general, often they won’t.

Often businesses have had web developers as part of their staff for years. It can often be the case that these developers are unaware or untrained in combatting the security risks present today. By signing up your developers up for the DevSecure course you can ensure that your existing developers are skilled and aware of what to look for and how to combat security risks for your business.

DevSecure is there to equip developers with the skills and knowledge to be aware of any security concerns that could substantially affect your business. These could include data breaches, security flaws and more, all of which have been increasing more and moreover the years. Only in the first six months of 2019 4.1 billion records were compromised in data breaches for companies leading many to believe there is a definite and dangerous lack of security awareness by IT Professionals in businesses today.

How does this affect me and my business? As well as the PR nightmare that these kinds of breaches bring even to small businesses due to the immediate lack of trust by customers. Numerous other factors can affect your business, from fines to legal costs and more. It is more cost-effective and prudent to have your staff trained – knowing your business is prepared to deal with the security concerns of today. Sign Up your Staff for the DevSecure course today or for here for more information on what we cover in the course.