Employee Benefits of a DevSecure Certification

DevSecure as an Employee

As a developer, you’re accustomed to learning new things, new programming languages, best practices, design patterns and more. How about security? Perhaps there are a few security flaws you’re aware of but how do you know you’re not missing knowledge on a few that could be crucial for your work?

At DevSecure we know that many developers are under pressure to ensure they are writing high-quality code. In the past readability, functionality and performance would be the key things a developer would be aiming for through their work but more and more security is becoming a fundamental part of this equation. Employers are becoming more attuned to this as well, wanting developers under their employ to be able to write and maintain secure codebases.

The DevSecure course will ensure that when you are writing code you aware of the security risks/practices and what you can do to combat these problems. Sign up for the course today and show your current employer and future employers that you are aware of the security risks present in the industry today.